We have NEW procedures and technologies implemented in our practice to keep our patients safe during COVID-19 and how to stay healthy during the pandemic.  Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from getting the treatment you need!

New COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Technology:

Contactless COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire:

  • Each patient and staff member are required to complete a contactless COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. By simply scanning our QR code on any smart device, each staff member and patient can access and complete the screening on their own.

Contactless Temperature Screening Cameras:

  • Each patient and staff member is scanned using Sanico USA’s SaniTemp infrared temperature sensing cameras and fever detection device.

REME HALO® In-Duct Air Purifier installed in ALL of our HVAC systems:

  • Dual ionizers to reduce airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores)
    Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses.
  • REME® reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet.
  • New zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces.
  • Unlike portable units that are limited to the room in which they are placed, the REME HALO® provides whole home and building purification.

GermGuardian Free-Standing Air Purifiers in each individual Acupuncture suite and Chiropractic room:

  • 4-in-1 air purifier for home: True HEPA air filter reduces up to 99.97% of harmful germs, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens as small as .3 microns from the air.
  • Kills germs: UV-C light helps kill airborne viruses such as influenza, staph, rhinovirus, and works with Titanium Dioxide to reduce volatile organic compounds.

Constant and repeated disinfection of all surfaces, equipment, and high touch surfaces.

Mask wearing required by all staff and patients.

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