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Spine and Rehabilitation Services & Treatments

Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary medical practice committed to improving the health and well-being of our patients. Our services are oriented around relieving pain, treating conditions and altering people’s behavior, attitudes, and lifestyle to allow them to achieve greater wellness. Whenever possible, we prioritize the use of non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatments. Our top services include chiropractic care, physical therapy, sports medicine, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, spinal decompression, massage therapy and the opportunity to experience the FAST TWITCH workout model.

The Ferraro Spine Method™

The Ferraro Spine Method™ is an approach to your health and wellness that combines various chiropractic and alternative treatments to provide you with the most optimal results. The Ferraro Spine Method™ utilizes Spinal Decompression, Therapeutic Exercises, Joint Manipulation, and Deep Tissue Laser.

Ferraro Spine Method


We partner with FAST TWITCH SADDLE BROOK to provide performance training for athletics and tactical training for Police, Fire, and EMT. Our Fast Twitch facility is strategically designed to integrate the main elements of training: functional strength, resistance training, speed and agility, plyometrics, and core strength.

Saddle Brook Gym

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

IDD Therapy® is non-surgical and non-invasive. The treatment is safe and painless and also comfortable and relaxing. The course of therapy includes approximately 30 treatment sessions and is completed in about 40 days. The treatment sessions are brief, lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Spinal Decompression in Saddle Brook NJ


Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation offers Acupuncture to complement our chiropractic & physical therapy protocols.
Acupuncture is effective for overall wellness, to reduce inflammation, and manage painful conditions such as neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

Acupuncture in Saddle Brook

Ferraro Spine Saddle Brook Chiropractic
& Physical Therapy Health Care Services

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At Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation we specialize in providing highly effective chiropractic technologies as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Chiropractic Care

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PT treatment protocols are designed to help relieve various types of pain and improve muscle movement for increased mobility and strength.

Physical Therapy

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Our certified Acupuncturist treats varied health conditions, injuries, chronic pain, addictions & more with successful results.


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A non-surgical, non-invasive treatment option for people with back pain. A study reports that IDD Therapy is shown to have an 86% success rate.

Spinal Decompression

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LightForce™ Laser Therapy is an alternative solution to surgery for herniated disc pain and difficult conditions.

Laser Therapy

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We’ve partnered with NutraMetrix, Xymogen, Apex Energetics, Barleen’s & others specializing in all natural supplements & remedies for your health.


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A unique combination of spinal decompression, therapeutic exercises, joint manipulation, and deep tissue laser to promote overall wellness.

Ferraro Spine Method™

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Partner of FAST TWITCH SADDLE BROOK offering sports performance for athletes and tactical training for Police, Fire, and EMT.


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